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Drive in Comfort

Arrive in Style Indulge in the exceptional driving experience offered by the Skoda Octavia – a blend of comfort, tranquility, and capability. Revel in the smooth, quiet ride that defines the Octavia’s performance. While it may not be a thrill in the bends, our E-Rent Octavia ensures a serene and enjoyable journey.

Space and Practicality

Perfected In the realm of space and practicality, the Skoda Octavia stands tall, outshining its competitors in its price range. This marvel’s versatility is unparalleled, with the only missing piece being an adjustable boot floor across all trims. Discover the brilliance of the Octavia’s capabilities as you embark on your E-Rent adventure.

Tailored Comfort at Every Turn

Ensuring maximum comfort for every driver, the Skoda Octavia boasts an extensive range of adjustments in the driver’s seat. No matter the length of your limbs, the Octavia offers a personalized driving experience that makes it suitable for all. Get ready to enjoy unparalleled comfort and sophistication with our E-Rent exclusive Octavia.


Pickup Location: Meet & Greet
Fuel Policy: Full to Full
Mileage allowance: Unlimited
Gearbox: Manual
Doors: 4
Passengers: 4
Luggage: 6 Bags


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