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Unveil the Modern Station Wagon

Experience the future of station wagons with the all-new Logan MCV, boasting a sleek new design characterized by modern lines and a spacious interior. From its robust exterior, perceptible at first glance, to its versatile and generous space, the New Logan MCV is designed to meet all your needs.

A Companion for Every Aspect of Life

Adaptable to the varied roles life presents, the New Logan MCV is your reliable companion for both work and leisure. Whether it’s short daily commutes or extended journeys, revel in the convenience of its flexible space with five genuine seats and an impressive 573-liter trunk.

Technological Prowess for Effortless Driving

Navigate with ease, thanks to the useful technology integrated into the New Logan MCV. Designed for maximum safety, this station wagon is equipped to make your driving experience smoother and more enjoyable. Rest assured with Dacia’s signature 2-year guarantee, providing peace of mind for the long haul.

Efficient Eco-Driving Experience

Powered by the latest generation Dacia eco2 engines and featuring the eco-mode driving system, the New Logan MCV empowers you to take control of fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. An economical choice that doesn’t compromise on robustness and accessibility.

Spacious Moments, Tailored for You

Certain life moments demand space, and the New Logan MCV rises to the occasion. Whether it’s helping friends move, accommodating a large dog, or transporting bikes for an outing, this station wagon’s trunk with a 573-liter capacity in a 5-seater configuration is ready for daily practicality. Expand to 1,518 liters in a 2-seater configuration for larger loads.

Generosity Redefined

With its generous dimensions and innate sense of service, the New Logan MCV becomes an indispensable accomplice in all your activities.



Pickup Location: Meet & Greet
Fuel Policy: Full to Full
Mileage allowance: Unlimited
Gearbox: Manual
Doors: 4
Passengers: 4
Luggage: 6 Bags


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