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Immerse Yourself in Timeless Design

Experience the allure of classic proportions and dynamic muscle tone, seamlessly blending into a spacious digital cockpit. Our perennial favorite, the C-Class, continues its journey into the future, inviting, engaging, and captivating you like never before.

Command with Clarity

Navigate effortlessly through a meticulously crafted cockpit featuring vivid screens and intuitive controls. A driver-oriented 11.9-inch multimedia touchscreen, coupled with a reconfigurable 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, ensures clarity in every command.

Elegance Redefined

Indulge in clean, streamlined design options with the C-Class. Choose from the standard Premium Trim, offering generous luxury, or elevate your experience with the Exclusive Trim. The Pinnacle Trim takes sophistication to new heights with advanced high-tech features.

A Symphony of Sound

Embark on an auditory journey with the Exclusive Trim, offering BurmesterĀ® 3D Surround Sound and Online Music Streaming. Tailor your experience with customizable digital sound and enjoy streaming from Apple MusicĀ® and other online audio favorites.

Innovate Your Drive

The C-Class brings flagship S-Class innovation to the sport sedan segment. With lifelike voice assistants and advanced driver assists, it ensures your comfort and safety are paramount. E-Rent invites you to explore a new era of driving luxury, where innovation meets elegance on every journey.


Pickup Location: Meet & Greet
Fuel Policy: Full to Full
Mileage allowance: Unlimited
Gearbox: Auto
Doors: 4
Passengers: 4
Luggage: 6 Bags


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